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On a Ranting Mode

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Apparently, I push people’s buttons without me knowing. I’m quite certain I never wronged them.

I get annoyed at people for no apparent reason. And that’s something I probably can’t avoid. So I don’t actually mind if people do not like me or do not want to deal with me. But to judge my worth, qualification, and competence by merely looking at me and observing my actions is just way too much of a professional’s quality. I have expected people to be wiser than that. Well, irrationality knows no profession and age. You can be old and a professional and still thinks like a savage.

To the person who has assumed the responsibility of estimating my worth as a professional:

We’ve shared nothing more than decent smiles, and hi’s and hello’s, and casual talks about work related matters. I wonder how you’ve arrived at a firm idea that i’m not fit to continue with what I have started. First, I’m not one of your subordinates so you don’t know how I perform and so you’re not as well qualified to desperately announce your unsolicited opinions about me in a supposedly formal and professional discourse. Again, you’re not my superior, so your little concern regarding how I act should have been between the two of us. I would have appreciated it had there been an effort to at least make me realize that there’s something wrong with the way I deal with my job. I don’t remember you reminding me about what I should not do or how to PROPERLY act and be as prim and proper as you. Talking to the person in a closed-door room is probably a little hard for you to do, so you convicted me with your pristine homophobic morality around your associates. Slap me with solid reasons why I should not continue, then I will give in to your whims and caprices. I will withdraw my application. But do not pronounce my ineligibility when all you have is a self-proclaimed truth.It made me realize that you appraise a person based on his personality and not on his character. I don’t assume the character of an angel. i have my share of flaws, so to speak. But I don’t lurk around and prey on innocent individuals, if that’s what you’re afraid of. There are those whose actions have blatantly crossed the line of professionalism and they’ve been in the institution way too long. But I wonder why you have not taken action against them. Be that as it may, I wish you wisdom and peace of mind.



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It might be the hot weather and the exhaustion. It might be the new things that are happening and will still happen. All I know is that something is taking its toll. Some things come and go and some things just never do.It’s not the first time and never will be the last time. The recurrence of impediments and the domino effect of it spoils the will to take a step further and farther. But all of these could just be a result of over thinking. just a state of mind.  So there’s no better way but to just let these things slide. “,)

I was throwing away old stuff, mostly college papers, when I stumbled upon a reflection paper I had written for my Ethics class four years ago. My topic was about character education. Some of the lines I have written are quotable. Props to myself. naks! But the question is, have I practiced these ideas in my three years of teaching? I can’t deny the idea that there is a disparity between theory and practice. I was not a teacher, then. I had ideal visions. Have these visions been stomped by practicality and reality? I hope not.

August 01, 2007

“Modeling is the simplest way to uphold character education. While I am not suggesting that teachers be immaculate, they should somehow exemplify upright behavior. One cannot instill right conduct to anyone if he himself does not possess it.”

Am I modeling right conduct to my students? I hope and I believe so.

“It is also necessary that teachers establish good student-relationship. Some students like being tapped on their shoulders for a task well done or for a question well answered. A child discouraged by academic, athletic, and artistic failure often needs encouragements to ward off self-pity.”

This was the wannabe psychologist in me. haha… But I like these lines so much. I think I have been consistent in practicing this idea.

“Academic discussions may be swept away tomorrow. But their learned values will be instilled to them for good. Moral influences outlast academic learning. As teachers and educators, we can leave our students a legacy that will remain constant throughout their lives. “

winner na concluding statements ito! hehe.. sige.. I will always keep this in mind.

The Starting Line

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The initial point is always the hardest. Getting started seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Aside from the serious planning that needs to be done in order to do the whole thing right, there are obstacle courses one has to go through-doubt, laziness, low self-esteem, and the like. Nevertheless, things must be done in its most magnanimous way.There are no free rides.There are no shortcuts.There are no detours.There’s only one main road ahead.Come hell or high water, you have to pass through the starting point in order to reach the end.

It takes a great amount of determination to set your foot on the starting line without losing your focus, especially if the other end is not visible and seems impossible to reach. And to make things worse, it is so tempting to just settle for things that are within one’s reach making it difficult to take further steps.

Indeed, success is only for the spirited. And I’d be damned if I don’t step on that starting line!